Transitional Housing For Women and Children

Q: What is the purpose of Gamma House?
A: The Gamma House offers transitional housing for homeless women and their children. Gamma House plays a critical role in the health and well-being of our community and our region. As our region's only transitional housing shelter for homeless women and children, we meet a need not currently being met by other organizations. Residents are offered services and support which will assist them in getting back on their feet again, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is not our purpose to assist our residents with their responsibilities, but rather to assist each resident in taking responsibility for her own life. Gamma House is here to provide a HAND UP rather than a HANDOUT.

Q: Whom does Gamma House serve?
A: Any female over 18 with or without children who finds themselves without shelter and food. We give consideration to all, without regard to color, religious preference, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc. We have served 18 year old mothers headed down the wrong road(s) and also older ladies that were destitute and homeless, due to medical bills, illness, etc. Gamma House is a shelter that takes the most vulnerable among us; single moms (in many cases) that have very few options. Many times, those options involve staying with their children - or alone - in homes where they are or may be taken advantage of, all for the need of food and shelter. We on-board these ladies and teach life skills, assist in meaningful employment and begin the process of breaking the chains of generational homelessness and poverty.

Q: What type of woman does Gamma House serve?
A: There is no typical stereotype. Some of the ladies come to us due to substance abuse or other similar reasons. Some ladies come from desperate family situations and have never had to manage the day-to-day finances or responsibilities of family/work life. Others still, come to us after an illness whereby the excessive cost of medical care and a lack of family support left them without the ability to pay for housing, leaving them to live in their car or Gamma House.

Q: Why is Gamma House successful?
A: Over the past 30 years, we have learned that these ladies come to us when they are broken and out of options. When they come to us, they are ready for change and desperate to alter the course of their lives. They are required to find work and immediately become productive (and we assist them in this endeavor). Occasionally, a lady with disabilities comes through our door and she will be asked to support her housemates in whatever capacity she can be of help. This is a small group, and these ladies share common threads that, in many ways, endear them to each other. We insist that these ladies take ownership of their lives and become productive. This enables them to either break the generational chains or homelessness and poverty or to simply regain their footing after a series of misfortunes.

Q: How easy is it to become homeless?
A: Unfortunately, it is a common problem. Nationally, 8.3 women experience homelessness per 10,000 people in the general population. This doesn’t sound like a lot – until you think that Baxter County has approximately 35,000 people. Multiply this times 8.3 and you have 29 homeless women in Baxter County alone. Gamma House serves people from about 15 counties.

Q: What happens if someone doesn’t abide by house rules?
A: We are uncompromising on this… We have rules that are strictly enforced. ALL the rules are very clearly spelled out and reviewed when we intake a resident. We have a zero-tolerance policy. There are certain rules that, if broken, will have one IMMEDIATELY removed from our services. This protects the residents who are committed to changing their lives and reinforces that their lives and newly committed goals are worthy of protection.

Please take a moment to read the following:
So many in our society believe that homelessness is a product of “stupid” choices. While this is certainly true in a few cases, here is what we know as fact at the Gamma House - It isn’t that the women come to us have made “stupid” or “bad” choices. The choice they make was the best choice they had of several unfortunate options. For instance, does a lady stay in the park or her car overnight versus staying in a home with people she barely knows? Does a lady deliver drugs or contraband in order to have a place to stay? Does a lady dig in a restaurant dumpster to feed her children or does she spend a few nights with people she barely knows, putting herself and children at incredible risk? Fragile relationships with one’s host or the fact that the offer of housing is leveraged with illegal activities or harm to a mother or her children is a desperate move and often results in tragedy. As we quickly begin to see, this is a very situational circumstance and is all too easy for one to pass judgment from afar.

Q: What is Gamma House’s main source of support?
A: You. You are our main source of support. Historically, grants have been available, and we have worked hard to apply for and utilize these grants in order to maintain our mission. As state and federal budget cuts have had a detrimental impact on these available funds; personal, organizational and church donations have become our main source of funding. All of our donations stay here In Mountain Home to support women from around the region.

Board Members
Judith Strother
Mike Beam
Liz Smith
Janey Buck
Sunnie Chaney
Megan Sebree
Karla Bradley
Crystal Henry

Janet O’Connor, Gamma House Director
Sue Reynolds, Yellow House Director




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